1 Litre

Exhibit a complex mode of action to control fungi. Using phytophthora palmivora as a model, it acts directly on the fungus, reducing growth, and that growth reduction is associated with a rapid reduction in the total pool of acetylate.  It works as SAR system in plants. Works as preventive and curative.

Knock out Nano is a Bio available plant nutrient containing 4% chelated copper along with 10% yeast extract and 500 ppm Nano copper. This proprietary blend offers the best nutrient copper available along with increasing plant immune defense capacity. It results in improving growth, yield and shelf-life of produce.
Diseases :Downy mildew, powdery mildew, canker, early Blight, late Blight, fusarium
Specifications: Algal extract -10% Organic Copper - 0.06% Stabilizer - 10% Solvent - Q.S.
Dosage: 2 ml in litre of water, 500 ml in 200 litres of water for 1 acre