chewing pest - killer


150 ml ( 5 ml x 10 ampules)

A power shot Nanotech Pesticide for control of Chewing pests like Heliothids, Spodoptera, Helicoverpa, Armigera, Diamond Back Moth, Armyworms, Fruit and Shoot Borers. It is specially formulated for use in Vegetables, Horticulture, and fruiting crops to control the chewing pests and save the crops

This product unique micro emulsion and unique formulation technology ensure uniform spread of the insecticide on crops offering maximum coverage and protection for chewing pests.

 Benefits: Bio-Insecticide for organic agriculture, Anti-feed antaction,Long term control, Controls different types of larvae, High spreading formula, Ensure complete coverage

 Key Points: • Complete Coverage Of Chewing Pests Including Borers • Makes Plants Healthier And Fresh • Offers Effective Control For More Than 14-15 Days. • Lower Dilution Ratio Saves Cost • Can Be Formulated Into Various Dilution Ratios With Ease. • Packed In Ampoules For Offering Precise Dose. • Increases Yields And Profitability! • No Residue, Phi Less

 Dosage: 50 ml in 150 litre water through foliar spray/drip irriation

 Packaging: 50 ml

 Class: Chewing pest

Brand: Zeal Biologicals