Oil & Petroleum Testing

Type of Analysis Needed PCB, Moisture, Dissolved Gas
Place of Testing Laboratory
Testing Type Moisture/Sludge Content, Interfacial Test, Flash Point
Physical Parameter Test Colour/Appearance, Flash/Pour Point, Density/Velocity
Electrical Parameter Test
Dielectric Strength

Our range of products include transformer oil testing, diesle testing and coal testing.

Transformer Oil Testing

Transformer oils are subject to electrical and mechanical stresses while a transformer or other electrical distribution equipment is in operation. The analysis of insulating oils provides information about the oil, but also enables the detection of other possible problems, including contact arcing, aging insulating paper and other latent faults and is an indispensable part of a cost-efficient electrical maintenance program.

Though the failure risk of a transformer and other oil-filled electrical equipment is small, when failures occur, they inevitably lead to high repair costs, long downtime and possible safety risks. By accurately monitoring the condition of the oil, suddenly occurring faults can be discovered in time and outages can potentially be avoided.

Properties of Transformer or Insulating Oil

Some specific parameters of transformer or insulating oil should be considered to determine the serviceability of that oil.

·         Physical Parameters - Colour and Appearance, Density, Inter Facial Tension, Viscosity, Flash Point and Pour Point.

·         Chemical Parameters - Water Content, Corrosive Sulphur, Acidity, Sludge Content.

·         Electrical Parameters - Dielectric Strength, Specific Resistance, Dielectric Dissipation Factor.

·         Dissolved gas analysis

·         Furan analysis

·         PCB analysis

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