Virus controller - Thunder


500 ml, 100 ml

Description: Thunder is a very effective organic solution.

Zeal biologicals thunder avoids viral infections of crops / plants before they attack to entire crop / plants.

 1.Thunder reduces extra thickening and swelling of plants veins by stopping  of interveinal areas

2. Thunder controls curling of leaves

3. It effectively treat the viral disease like leaf curl, mosaic virus, Gemini virus, begone virus etc.,
Dosage: 2 ml diluted in 1-liter water 500 ml diluted in 200 liters of water is used per acre of land.
Specifications: Whey extract 10% ,Organic Zinc 0.02% .Alpha Hydroxyl Acid 10% ,Aqua Q.S
Packaging: 500 ml, 100 ml
Class: Viricide
Brand: Zeal Biologicals