1 litre in bottle

Description: Zeal Biologicals shoot is a broad spectrum organic immunity developer against soil nematodes. Completely organic hence no harm to soil can be used as IPM component. Acts against soil nematodes   

1. Totally biodegradable.  2. Not harmful for beneficial soil bacteria and fungi. 3. Enriches soil nourishment and micro element concentration. 4. Multi target site therefore no chance of nematode resistance .    
Target crops/ plants: For all kind of crops/plants Shoot is a A nematode controller which develops immunity against soil nematodes an organic residue free indo certified product, gives quick result around 48 to 72 hours .  Effective on: Root knot nematode, Rhabditida,Dorylaimida,Triplonchida etc.  
CROPS: Fruits crops vegetables crops,Flowers,oil seeds,Rape,Legumes,Sugar beat,Artichokes,Brassica,Wheat,cotton,Berries,Sugarcane etc.,
Packaging: 1000 ml
Dosage: 500 ml in 200 litre water through foliar spray or drip irritation 
Class: Nematicide
Brand: Zeal Biologicals