10 ml in ampule

Our state of the art products use Nano technology to give the best output for every crop, these products are certified in the United Kingdom and are 100 percent organic products with fast acting formula when compared to other organic products, hence now transition from chemical fertilizers to organic fertilizers is easier than you think, We are glad to present to you  CYTOKINE  ORGANIC MANURE WITH NATURALLY OCCURRING CYTOKINES        SALIENT FEATURES: • Cytokine is organic manure containing high amount of cytokines. It helps in promoting cell division. When used with gibberellins fruit’s shape can be improved. • Cytokine stimulate the following effects; cell division, lateral bud emergence, basal shoot formation, flowering, fruit set. • Cytokine can inhibit degradation of chlorophyll, nucleic acid and protein. Promote delivery of amino acid, inorganic salts and growth regulators to applied position. • Cytokine helps plant to keep green and retard aging; it can be used in agriculture, horticulture for plants at different stages from germination to harvest. This unique combination derived by using alfalfa grass and maize during the organic manure formation process. • Cytokine is also act as thinner when applied shortly after bloom. Compared to other chemical thinners it reportedly will increase fruit size beyond what would occur during the normal crop- thinning process. The product should applied in the morning or evening when conditions are best for slow drying. • Cytokine promotes photosynthesis and chlorophyll formation in plants. It reduces the flower and fruit drop. • Cytokine improves plant vigor and growth

Dosage: Dilute 10 ml in 200 litres of water used for one acre