10 ml in ampule

Pro foods is a unique plant growth promoter that combines Giberellins, Cytokinins, and Surfactants at very high concentration that easily disperses in water for foliage application.

which has launched a PGR formulation at lowest dilution ratio in the World.

Dilution: 1: Use 10ml / 200 ltrs of water for foliar application.

Content: Gibberellins, Cytokines and specially selected surfactants. Super contains low molecular weight Bio Stimulants that act synergistically to catalyze growth processes and to support the metabolism of the plant. It induces Female Flowering, Shoot growth and Cell Division. It also helps reduce fruit drop and promotes fruit setting. It is very effective for increasing fruit size. The combination of active ingredients is so unique that it can be used at any stage of the plant growth cycle. Application of Super at any growth stage will result in higher plant metabolism and increases the cells capacity to promote growth – at that particular stage. Pro foods will also help the plant to overcome adverse environmental conditions. The leaves absorb Pro foods quickly and efficiently without scorching. All the components of Pro foods are uniquely formulated, to easily integrate with the

plant’s metabolism


Optimal combination of components with bio-stimulating activity

High concentration of Gibberellins and Cytokines

Compatible and suitable for tank mixing with a wide range of foliar preparations

Initiates cell division of the plant.

Enhances photosynthesis activity.

Helps in maintaining normal color of flowers and fruits.

Resists diseases and adverse weather condition.

Increases crop yield and improves crop quality.