Insecticide - Kick


150 ml (5 ml x 10) in ampules

Kick is a powerful Package! A nanotechnology product   Insecticide or control of Sucking pests like Black trips, Mites, Aphids, Leaf miners, Jassids and Nematodes. It is specially formulated for use in Vegetables, horticulture, and fruiting crops to control the sucking pests and offer vigor to the plants. KICK is a new molecule and therefore no resistance. This product has shown excellent efficacy against hard to control Thrips and Mites.


Benefits: Broad spectrum activity, Immediate control, Long – lasting control, Targets entire population, Penetrates through silk web


Key Points: • Complete Coverage Of Sucking Pests • Makes Plants Greener And Fresh • Offers Effective Control For More Than 14-15 Days. • Lower Dilution Ratio Saves Cost • Can Be Formulated Into Various Dilution Ratios With Ease. • Packed In Ampules For Offering Precise Dose. • Increases Yields And Profitability! • No Residue, Ph Less Than 7


Dosage: 50 ml in 150 liter water through foliar spray/drip irrigation

Packaging: 50 ml

Class: Sucking pest 

Brand: Zeal Biologicals