1 litre in bottle

Our state of the art products use Nano technology to give the best output for every crop, these products are certified in the United Kingdom and are 100 percent organic products with fast acting formula when compared to other organic products, hence now transition from chemical fertilizers to organic fertilizers is easier than you think, We are glad to present to you   control of various sucking pest. Soil application in cotton, banana, tomato, chilli and in any crop. 1. It acts Against nematodes and pink boll worms in various crops. 2. this as a bio- nematicide, which control root knot nematodes and citrus nematodes. ATTACK  THRIPS AND MITES       

 SALIENT FEATURES: • Attack is a fungi called Paecilomyces Lilscinus. It acts against nematodes and pink Boll worms in various crops. This is a bio nematicide, which control root knot nematode and citrus nematode.  •Attack is a certified unique organic immunity developer against all types of thrips. •Attack is a Nano-organic solution for wide class of thrips. Excellent results lasting for at least 7 days on heavy infestation. •Attack protects plant from deformation, defoliation, stunting, and dwarfing. It acts on contact only, therefore no fear of next generation resistant thrips. •Attack on spraying shows thrips caging activity on infected plant by simultaneous repellent action. • Attack passively targets carriers of plant viruses giving double benefits. 
 CROPS: Vegetable, Cotton, Brinjal, Grapes, Tomato, Cucumber, Watermelon, Banana, Rice, Soybean, Potato,  Onion, Berries, Pomegranate, and other Fruits, Oilseeds, Beet, etc