Surjit Kaur had an inner calling to contribute to the environment and farmers and had started her Entrepreneurial journey. One day while she was taking a walk where legendary Mikha Singh once practiced, pondering over plan for retirement, came the answer - ZEAL, a higher purpose to support the backbone of India- Farming.
Zeal Biologicals was founded in 2013.We started Zeal biologicals as a R&D laboratory researching on various different kinds of soil & bio strains and later diversified to organic fertilizers from 2016 ,as a solution for farmers, who are looking to improve soil health, crop health and yield and started various testing services.
A thought to benefit environment by improving the soil health as well as the farmers who seek solution for their crop management, who seek good and healthy yield at affordable prices led us to form Zeal Biologicals.
We want to provide those farmers who are doing organic farming, a customised solution for pest & crop management in return giving better yields and also turn most farmers from traditional farming to organic farming.


With rich industry experience and enthusiastic team of procuring agent, we have become the prime choice of our prestigious customers in this domain. Some of the factors that provide us a competitive advantage over other market players are as follows:
  • Huge vendor base
  • Experienced professionals
  • International quality standards
  • Ethical business policies
  • Transparent dealings
  • Customer focused approach
  • Timely delivery
  • Complete client satisfaction

Our Vision

We have a vision of setting a new benchmark in the agriculture industry with customised superior quality Nano-organic products, with consultation using scientific knowledge of chemistry, a sustainable ecosystem and a thriving relation with our farmers.