Who we are?

Zeal Biologicals started as a testing laboratory providing various services of food, Feed, water and Environmental Analysis. We are also diversified to provide a custom range of organic products and improve soil health

We provide high value, low cost, customizable solutions to meet our clients every need. Our services start from basic QA/QC needs and extend to your unique research needs. Be it analytical testing, or testing of food, water, chemicals, soil, pesticides material, metals & air.
We also offer seminars and training, crop consulting; GPS field mapping, EC zone mapping, soil testing, and tissue analysis.

Products: We provide innovative certified organic nano tech fertilizers, soil conditioners and bio-stimulants to commercial growers in the agricultural, horticultural, turf and ornamental industries and for individual lawns and gardens. Our products have a track record of increasing crop yield, improving plant health and minimizing operational cost.

We also offer custom fertilizer blending. Zeal organic supplements include: Kelp Humates, seaweed, cardamom oil, neem oil, cow urine, bio NPK micro and macro nutrients, beneficial herbs and aroma oils. Our fertilizers provide high field coverage.

Zeal Biologicals innovative fertilizer was developed to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to chemical-based fertilizers that preserves our precious environment by mitigating the effects of climate change, groundwater contamination, ocean dead zones, and loss of biodiversity. When properly applied, zeal fertilizers are effective by strengthening plant health while simultaneously increasing crop yield by 10-25%.

Our Vision

we redefine solutions for agriculture to improve productivity and yield. We also provide outstanding QA/QC testing reports through thorough analysis and help you to build business.